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  • Robert Bush wrote on January 10, 2011 report

    Awesome feature, John! Liebman is such a great story and a totally cool, humble guy. I was lucky enough to catch him in San Diego last year--and spend some time with him and the band--he's one of the most down-to-earth cats ever. Excellent, expansive article.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 10, 2011 report

    Thanks, Robert. My heart was really in this one, and I have to say that spending some time speaking with Dave only heightened my appreciation for him.

  • Greg Masters wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    Truly terrific piece, John. Thank you. Those Lookout Farm recordings helped draw me in to "out" music in the early 70s and I've followed and enjoyed his playing (and discussions) ever since. For further reading, I'd recommend "Miles Davis and David Liebman Jazz Connections," by Larry Fisher.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    Wow, Greg....coming from you, high praise! Thanks, so much appreciated! I've been a Lieb fan since (embarrassingly!) back in the day, but getting to know him as I have recently has really opened my eyes. I'd love to read that book...thanks for the tip!

    And, again, for the kind words. You're welcome :)

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    Fantastic piece, John! It really showed the bigger picture about Dave Liebman and his outlook on this music and life. I think I'm going to have to check out those Mosaic Select sets and a few of those new(er) releases! Thanks for putting this piece together!

  • John Kelman wrote on January 11, 2011 report

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks, for the very kind words. Those Mosaic boxes are both incredible, don't delay! I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've done, even with all the transcription! :)


  • Chuck Koton wrote on January 14, 2011 report

    John, Not to be repetitious ...but thanks for the extended piece on one of my very favorite jazz musicians evah! been a dedicated follower of Lieb's music since Elvin's "Live at the Lighthouse." Had a chance to hang with him and the band on a couple of occasions and he is a "beautiful cat," so deserving of this prestigious honor.

  • John Kelman wrote on January 14, 2011 report

    Hey Chuck
    Thanks, man, coming from you that means a lot. He's a truly beautiful cat, as you say; not one to beat around the bush, either; no games with Dave. You know where you and everything stands, but he truly is one of the most generous guys I've gotten to know in this industry - and that's sayin' something!

    Thanks again for taking the time to write.