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  • Paul Segal wrote on December 21, 2010 report

    Yet one more great-sounding CD that apparently cannot be purchased by anyone living in the U.S. Happy holidays, jazz fans.

  • John Kelman wrote on December 21, 2010 report

    Paul, it's a global world, and to expect all international artists to be able to make their work available internationally, when it's possible to buy on the web, is unreasonable - just as unreasonable as it would be for a French fan to bitch about an album only available in the US - which happens all the time.

    If the music can be bought on the web, it should not be an issue that it is not directly available in someone's home country.

    I understand your frustration, but you must understand in this landscape, where most artists are lucky if they can sell 1000-2000 copies, it's simply financially unreasonable to expect them to have international distribution - it's simply just too expensive for these artists.


  • Paul Segal wrote on December 21, 2010 report

    I'm not unreasonable. I buy all my music on the web, much of it directly from the artists or the labels.. But El Gallo Rojo has a problem with PayPal. I have a PayPal account, but I can't use it to buy the CD. Other CDs I am interested in can't be found at all because neither the artist nor the label has a website. And, I don't purchase MP3 music. If recording engineers spend time, knowldege and talent getting a recording just right, why buy music that has had musical information removed from it just to reduce the size of the file?

  • John Kelman wrote on December 21, 2010 report

    I hear ya Paul; I'm just saying that in this climate, it's not always possible to accommodate everyone. And, like everyone, some artists are better artists than businessmen, and in the end they suffer for it.

    re; the MP3 question, that's fair enough, of course; but, again, with the complex world out there for digital distribution, some artists aren't aware there are sites where they can see lossless versions of their music (I'm with you on the MP3 issue).

    All I'm suggesting is that it's an unfortunate reality that music won't be available everywhere; that in some cases it may only be available digitally; and that, on other occasions, the artists are not web savvy enough to help themselves. That's one reason AAJ is here, to try and bridge that gap...and future plans include helping artists get their music out there beyond critical reviews...but that also takes time, money and people (one reason we're running a funding drive at the moment, in fact).

    I guess, for me, it seems the only time you post is to complain that you can't buy the music. Fair enough, but it doesn't help these artists - especially if there are fans who, unlike you, are prepared to buy MP3s, for example. My reason for constantly responding to your posts (!) is to bring other issues to light, as artists sometimes struggle hard enough, without having negativity dragging them down - especially if it's not always justified. If you want to post here, why not post that you don't want to buy digital, rather than that you can't but it?

    Another thing to consider: artists and engineers spend time and effort to make an album sound as good as they can within whatever budgetary constraints they have (remember: many DIY recordings don't even have a professional engineer), and sometimes the artist cannot afford to press even 1000 CDs...all they can afford is digital distribution.

    My issue is that it seems, based on your posts, that you have an ideal way about how things should be done, and unfortunately that's not the landscape we live in. Maybe that's not true, maybe if we actually spoke I'd hear different. But your posts about lack of availability and now format, speak to wanting things to be a certain way that simply IS not. Personally I'd prefer no compression on digital music, and easy access for all music internationally. BUt if the only way to get the music is digitally, and compressed at a reasonable rate, surely that's better than NO music, no?

  • Alessandro Chiappetta wrote on December 21, 2010 report

    you can buy el gallo rojo cds through downtown music gallery nyc

  • martino fedrigoli wrote on December 22, 2010 report

    or you can buy directly from


  • martino fedrigoli wrote on December 22, 2010 report

    hi paul segal:

    Yes now we have some problem with paypal, and send some cd in a store in u.s.a is quite expensive for us an become expensive for you.

    we wish to quit to have problems with paypal with the new year.

    martino fedrigole from the webstore of el gallo rojo

    Happy new year and christams folks!!