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  • Hanne Ingerslev wrote on December 08, 2010 report

    Very interesting story about Ted Hodgett´s Online Jazz Bookstore! Thank you, Fradley Garner!

    At a Christmas flee market I recently picked up a Billie Holiday LP from 1986 for 5$. It is unscratched, and has a totally unharmed, beautiful cover . The enormous price for "Lady Sings the Blues" made me wonder if I had made a scoop. Could anyone tell me?

    I so enjoy AAJ!

    Hanne Ingerslev

  • Ted Hodgetts wrote on December 08, 2010 report


    Thanks so much for your great piece on my book shop JazzFirst Books and to AAJ for putting it out there. Much appreciated!

    Very best wishes,

    Ted Hodgetts
    JazzFirst Books

  • Robert C. Holder wrote on December 08, 2010 report

    Frad –

    Thanks for an interesting article and for steering me to an unusual jazz bookstore. I'm not sure it's fair, though, to expose your readers to what sounds like a serious degree of online shopping temptation.

    Rob Holder

  • Arthur Buchman wrote on December 09, 2010 report

    Very cool information & writing. Having just sold my 9000 LP record collection including tons of jazz, I will restrain myself from browsing such a dangerously temping site.

    Arthur Buchman, Denmark

  • Michael A. Matloff wrote on December 10, 2010 report

    Very cool website. Not every tome is expensive. For example, I saw some biographies of major jazz figures in the $12 to $15 range.

  • John Tchicai wrote on December 13, 2010 report

    John M.Tchicai wrote on 2010-12-13 :
    Lot's of good stuff exists in Canada like this On-line bookstore forinstance. That reminds me of one of my first
    inspirations on the altosax, Moe Koffmann (not sure i spell his name right) but he was from there too. I'm not a great reader meself, reading mostly technical stuff and notes but i hope your shop will thrive Ted Hodgetts,
    John T. , France

  • Fradley Garner wrote on December 13, 2010 report

    This comment just in from Dan Morgenstern, director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University-Newark and former editor of DownBeat:

    That 1958 Jazz Journal signed by Lester Young was my first cover story. Prez read it and liked it and told me to look him up at the Alvin when he got back from France. "Don't forget now," he reminded me as we said goodbye--as if I could possibly not remember, "that's a date." Alas, he died within hours of his return. So learning that he signed that cover made me shed a tear. If I ever get tp So. Ontario will be sure to stop by and compare notes about books! Glædelig jul, Dan

  • Ted Hodgetts wrote on December 14, 2010 report

    Dear John,

    Thanks for the kind words about the book shop and a note to say that you've got Moe's name just right! He was a mainstay of the Canadian jazz scene for decades, memorably in the bands he led at George's Spaghetti House in Toronto and as a founding member of the late Rob McConnell's wonderful big band,The Boss Brass. He died way too young in 2001 of cancer at 72.

    Very best wishes,

    Ted Hodgetts
    JazzFirst Books