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  • Suzanne Cloud wrote on December 01, 2010 report

    Michael, You have done so much for the jazz community! Jazz Bridge will continue to support you by posting news about our organization, uploading photographs, and we'll even throw in a donation to support your efforts. Without you, jazz would be limping along on the Internet. You give jazz a home. Thank you!

  • Michael Ricci wrote on December 01, 2010 report

    Thank you so much, Suzanne! Keep the news coming!

    I'm really looking forward to presenting All About Jazz workshops to local (Philadelphia) musicians. Once I get beyond our calendar aggregation/syndication project, I want to work on leveraging AAJ to support our local scene. I know we can make a difference.

  • James Armstrong wrote on December 03, 2010 report

    Michael, I've just sent my donation. Thanks for everything. Wishing you success on this fundraising effort.

  • Michael Ricci wrote on December 03, 2010 report

    Thanks for your continued support, James!

  • Dawn DeBlaze wrote on December 03, 2010 report

    When I try to imagine my world without "All About Jazz," I cannot. From the articles and artist pages to "Take 5 Interviews," reviews and FREE downloads, things would be very different minus AAJ. You always seem to find yourselves ahead of the curve. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, intuitive portal and resource while helping to shape the jazz scene today. You rock!

  • Michael Ricci wrote on December 12, 2010 report

    I discuss all things fund drive on the bulletin board here...

  • Mort Weiss wrote on November 30, 2012 report

    The genius & the general has that Ricci touch to it--BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    The Mayin calender ends dec, 21st---so what the hell folks, GIVE freely!

    AAJ & JNY and you Mike are the Best! Thanks for all that you do for all of us who play. And for those who watch us at play. Mort