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  • Debi Arnett wrote on November 14, 2010 report

    Mikayla, Great article! As usual you did your homework. Your articles are always interestign because they bring a wider point of view and help us see the origination of the man and his music. Hope all is well with you. Deb in Pgh

  • Kathy Sanborn wrote on November 14, 2010 report

    Wonderfully written article! I loved the great quotes like this: "I don't think that people always understand how music evolves and how musicians evolve." As a musician myself, I totally understand the concept of artistic evolution. Thanks for sharing the thoughtful piece!

  • Max Vasquez wrote on November 15, 2010 report

    Once again your insight brings me to the point I always think about when considering Jazz and it's particular challenges. Like Clifton, I too learned the ways of the business end of music because none of my colleagues wanted to touch it, so I really relate to his sense of business and only inspires me more. Thanks for bringing Clifton to us in your own amazing way!

  • Dr. De Sayles Grey wrote on November 15, 2010 report

    Thank you Mikayla for sending me your article. It's very nicely written and you've done your research. I've seen Clifton perform with Sonny a number of times and also with my friend Slide Hampton and his nine piece trombone ensemble. Your article is thorough and in my opinion accurate. Keep up the good work. Let me know when you write your book.

  • Josué Jamil wrote on November 16, 2010 report

    Es un artículo muy interesante, gracias por enviármelo.
    En mi país sucede lo mismo, pues, mi director de orquesta es trombonista y a pesar que es muy buen arreglista, no tiene las mismas oportunidades que un director trompetista o pianista. Solo esperamos que esta realidad cambie pronto =)

  • Spectra Jazz wrote on November 18, 2010 report

    Very nice Mikayla! Thanks for sharing with us.