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  • Rogan Coles wrote on November 04, 2010 report

    Hi Michael - all this is beginning to look really, really good. Sincerely commend you and your team on these efforts - something I'm sure will bring benefits to the jazz community and music industry as a whole, to those who support music and making this community what it is, AAJ's viewers and readers and to those of us who make a contribution as best we can. If its not there already, let's hope AAJ will become the industry's and community's best watering hole/pub/hanging out spot on the Internet.

    Regards - Rogan

  • Michael Ricci wrote on November 05, 2010 report

    Hi Rogan,

    Thanks for posting!

    We're getting there! Apps, improved calendar data delivery, photo gallery upgrades, video, audio... it's all coming. We just need a little industry support and we'll get there.