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  • Jared Decrosta wrote on November 10, 2010 report

    This seems expensive

  • Pascal-Denis Lussier wrote on January 09, 2011 report

    Hi Jared,
    Sorry for not replying sooner to your comment... it's a tough one to answer: That one man's old guitar is another's junk or treasure depends on many aspects.
    I'll be providing further details on the guitar in the next installment (Act 2 coming soon), but here's some info for you: based on findings made by Charles O'Meara, this guitar dates from the 60's and was sold as a Kawai Ibanez body guitar with Teisco gold foil pickups (the top one is missing on this one). Gold foil pickups were popularized by Ry Cooder and are often referred to as Ry Cooder Gold Foils. Ones from the 60's that are in excellent condition sell in excess of $100.

    Further, what looked like the exact same guitar make and model was recently sold on eBay for $264.99 USD. The starting bid was $0.99.


  • Gino Wong wrote on April 19, 2011 report

    I have an identical guitar, I have had a couple in the past. The one I currently have has 'Kimberly' on the headstock, that is a Teisco moniker. They can be called a lot of things but very few have a name on the headstock I had the pickup rewound by the Seymour Duncan custom shop (according to the girls there by Seymour himself), it took a little over a year for Seymour to get the supplies and time. Although there is gold foil in these these are not considered "Gold Foil ", that apellation refers to pickups in a different form factor (it is obvious if you look at Cooders main guitar, this type is considered more of a knockoff DeArmond). My guitar had the fretboard levelled and neck adjusted by Chris DiPinto (maker of DiPinto guitars and my local luthier). The neck on these guitars have screws in them but they are Set Neck guitars. Plenty of these have been ruined by people trying to part out these guitars who end up ripping a big, deep splintered gash out of the body and finding the neck doesn't fit anything.. These are not guitars for everybody. Heavy, flat wound strings work best for me and the type with just the neck pick up is my favorite. Guitar cost $109, pickup rewind $100 and Neck work was gratis from Chris but I think it was worth $350.