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  • Martin Gee wrote on November 19, 2010 report

    What a confused, pretentious load of fertiliser. If you are going to fly off
    with the word 'Bird'. Use it to refer to the 'Yardbird' or the 'Canary'.
    Bird still lives even after 57 years (March '53).
    Let's hear about some of his best - Shaw Nuff, KC Blues, Hot House, etc
    etc etc

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on November 21, 2010 report

    Mr. Gee-

    While I have nothing but respect for the work of Charlie Parker, he wasn't the focal point of this article. His nickname was merely the entry way into the general theme of bird-related pieces in jazz. With this in mind, I hardly see how this piece is "confused." As for the "pretentious" remark...I'm not sure if that was directed at me--as the writer--or the artists I mentioned. I hardly feel that I'm over-emphasizing the importance of artists like Stan Getz and Coleman Hawkins. I often try to provide a broad cross-section of music in this column, from established giants like Parker and Hawkins to younger artists like Civello and Hunter. If you feel I lavished too much praise in their direction(s) or you didn't care for my writing, you're certainly entitled to your opinions. This column is a monthly presentation of my thoughts on different topics/artists and I certainly don't expect everybody to agree with everything I present. Take care.