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  • Andrew Thomas wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    "Rubber Band" and "Digg That," plodding fusion-funk both of them, are from 1985 sessions"

    Except that "Digg That" was recorded in 1987 and is not part of the Rubberband sesssions.

    As the author of this mean-spirited review would say, oh dear.

  • John Kelman wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    Thanks for the catch, fixed!

  • Ric Troll wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    It's very possible Miles didn't recognize John Cage. Perhaps Cage's ego was bruised by not being recognized. Irrelevant anyway.

    While I have little interest in the music Miles produced in this period, Mr. May's review is insulting on many levels and a poor excuse for music criticism.

    Mr. May should probably stick to writing about music he is enthused about.

  • Andrew Thomas wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    My thoughts exactly Ric. Mr May has every right to dislike the music and say so, but using the John Cage anecdote, commenting on Miles' dress sense and a pointing out a minor error in Marcus Miller's liner notes was cheap.

  • Jason Miles wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    I just read your review of The Perfect Way. I'm curious how old you are? I did all the synth programming on TuTu and Anmandla. Miles said to Marcus after TuTu-Thank you for saving my career-TuTu was a huge hit in Europe and Japan-It did well in the US but not like it did over seas. We made that CD in 1986 and all we kept on hearing was how cutting edge it was. Miles wanted real melodies to play at that time and Tommy for whatever his faults spent alot of money getting Miles off of Columbia where nothing was happening for him. Tutu is a brilliant melody as are some of the other songs on both CDs. The Rubber Band stuff was the reason that Tommy went to Marcus and George Duke-There was nothing there-There is a reason why nobody ever heard it

    I think you are being way to harsh on the music from those albums.In the case of Amandla-Marcus was not at the mixes because his wife was about to give birth to their first child and he couldn't leave her and spend 2 weeks in LA mixing-The rough mixes were much edgier before they go mixed in LA I know alot about what was going on with Miles and the 3 CDs I did with (Siesta was the third) You are way to harsh on these CDs that I feel are landmark recordings (especially TuTu)

    Jason Miles

  • Michael McLaughlin wrote on October 25, 2010 report

    What a boring, plodding, unimaginative behind the curve review. Is this what journalism classes are turning out nowadays?

  • Jason wrote on October 26, 2010 report

    In my opinion the 1980's music of Miles Davis is very underrated, Is it as good or as great as the other time periods? Of course not, but we are talking about Miles Davis here. Some people like plodding fusion funk; I get very tired of the cliche' Stanley Crouch, and the like. I have the 20-disc Montreux box, and some of the finest "plodding fusion funk" ever devised is on those discs, I can enjoy this Warner Bros. music just as easily as Walkin' or Bag's Groove. Variety is the spice of life, and Miles was a Habanero Pepper. Live with it.

  • Johan Bottema wrote on November 24, 2010 report

    Oh dear. Sounds like the writer is stuck in the 50s.