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  • Cosimo Gualano wrote on October 02, 2010 report

    Aside of be a great musician, Paolo is one of the kind, an amazing friend and an open hearted person. I’m not a jazz expert but I can recognize Paolo’s ability to drive himself and the people around him to high performance levels.
    He’s dedicated not only to his music but to the large amount of friends that are constantly paying him a visit. Be with Paolo is a great joy. Listen to his music is sublime. You know, it comes straight from his heart.

  • John Kelman wrote on October 02, 2010 report

    Hey Cosimo,
    Thanks for taking the time to write about Paolo; he is, indeed, one of a kind. I've only met him once - briefly after an Arild Andersen "Sagn" show in Stavanger, Norway in 2008 - but I was immediately struck by his warmth and sense of humor. A rare person, to be sure.