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  • Mort Weiss wrote on November 11, 2012 report

    My very heartfelt thanks to Dr. Chell for all the help that he has givin to me these last many years-Sam, gets it re. what I'm about! Other than that, F**km. Love ya Man!!! Mort

  • Mort Weiss wrote on December 31, 2012 report

    My first comment still stands-and Sam Chell's belief in me has been a high water mark in my belief systems on art in totality. Tommorow will be the first day of 2013 and as i look about-what I percieve happening in not only music but in every thing of any social importance or significance-that yes, in many things the bar has been raised----BUT, when confronted by it (a raised bar)People dont accept it as a challenge and and work to get over it --But have found ways to walk under/arouned same to reach their destinations.

    All well and good. But! Destinations reached-are they any better-stronger-smarter-mature-and happy with what they've accomlished if having reached their destination by going over the bar? I dont know-whos to say? I just know that "Things ain't what they used to be" and I guess for the vast amonts of under achievers, thats a good thing. "but not for me" Happy New Year to you all. I remain, Mort Weiss

  • Samuel Chell wrote on January 03, 2013 report


    These days jazz writers are no richer than jazz musicians, but comments like yours are reward enough. I was just doing my job, but if it was good for you, it was doubly so for me.