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  • Connie Crothers wrote on January 29, 2011 report

    I enjoyed reading this article and agree 100%. The first record label based on the ideas expressed here was New Artists, formed as a brand marketing collective in 1987, when I got this idea as a response to a query by my associate, Richard Tabnik, who wanted to produce a CD on an existing label that I was associated with.(New Artists). I realized that he could come in as a co-owner, and in that way keep full rights to his production and have creative control over his projects. Other musicians joined immediately. Our operating premises are exactly as described in this article. I know this idea works. The company has grown considerably since then. We have 46 CDs, all expressing the label identity--spontaneous improvisation. We've gotten three label features in major publications, one of them last year in All About Jazz New York. Our releases have gotten great press. Many of our CDs have been chosen for year's best lists. Right now, there are about six CDs in production, and many more in the planning stage for release this year, so at present we are in a very creative period.