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  • matthew krane wrote on November 08, 2011 report

    Almost embarrassed to say that my unopened copy of Jasmine was hidden low in my 'listen to' stack, until this week, until tonight. reading KJs notes, i had to chuckle when he said, "I hope many of you can hear this on a good system," because i was impatiently waiting for mine to warm up. with the hefty dual-driver subwoofer my cousin sent me to augment my tall magnetic ribbon speakers, a double bass/piano recording would be the ticket.
    ...and it's ALL about the music. the hair is still standing up on the back of my neck as i write this, just after a second listen. the space and clarity KJ and CH have created is astounding. the back wall of my listening room basically disappeared. on second listening, i was listening to what they weren't playing. i could sense the late night/wee morning hours as fullness, color, touch, sustain.
    great, almost beyond words. have sent this recording to my father-who knows the music, these composers. at 84, i hope he's sitting down when he listens to Jasmine. Matt Krane Breckenridge, CO