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  • Paul Segal wrote on September 13, 2010 report

    I agree that this is joyous, fun, and rollicking music. However, if you're considering buying the CD you should know that there is around 36 minutes of music on it and no song goes for as long as 4 minutes.

  • John Kelman wrote on September 13, 2010 report

    While you are, of course, entitled to your opinion, I have to differ with your tacit suggestion that music is defined by quantity. I'd much rather have a CD of 36 minutes with no filler, with tunes where soloing is focused and not excessive, than a CD twice that length where lengthy solos become tedious and redundant.

    Not that long solos are inherently so, of course; only that length shouldn't be used to define whether or not an album is good/great, or worthy of consideration.

    When we measure music with quantity over quality, then we're on a slippery slope, indeed. And while some of our writers might mention a CD's brevity and the concise nature of its tracks, it's not something that, in my opinion, really matters all that much.