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  • Michael H. Woodward wrote on January 01, 2011 report

    Although I didn't study with Mr. Sandole, I studied under a number of musicians who had/or were. I know many stories about him (they are legend), owned a copy of "Modern Music from Philadelphia" (lost, unfortunately) that I remember purchasing at "3rd St. Jazz" in 1975 (I recall the red & white jacket). I'm so pleased to say I own one of the 1000 original wire bound copies of "Guitar Lore", in rather pristine condition considering how intensively I've used it over the years. All of Ed Flanagan's students were required to own a copy. My only regret is that I could have gotten him to autograph it and didn't bother. I accompanied a friend to his lessons occasionally and was always pleased when Dennis took time come out to shake hands and tell a story. Sometimes, he'd remind us to "continue to strive toward the receding horizon of the aesthetic".
    (Btw, I also have an old copy of "Mirror Within" ;- )