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  • Ted Bloomhurst wrote on December 29, 2010 report

    This is a comment regarding a concert at the Chicago Symphony Hall on December 10, 2010. I saw her in a twin bill with Regina Carter and the contrast could not have been more obvious. Regina played first and cruised through a marvelous set full of virtuosity and wonderful tunes. She was aware of and interacted well with the crowd, and the result was marvelous. Esperanza, on the other hand, turned in a self-indulgent set from Chamber Music Society. You could tell the virtuosity was there, but it was shrouded in aimless vocal scatting and arrangements that seemed to go nowhere. She also acted as if the crowd did not even exist, not bothering to say a word until she introduced the band at the very end. Approximately one third of the audience walked out early- I stayed only out of politeness. The music was certainly not worth the listening effort. A huge disappointment considering all the hype surrounding her as "the next great thing".