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  • Robert Bush wrote on July 25, 2010 report

    Wow ! John, your powers of observation are truly intense! I like all the details. I can't wait to see your description of the Terje Rypdal/Vitous/Cleaver trio. I've always wondered, how does one pronounce the name "Terje" ? I always loved the Rydal/Vitous/DeJohnette trio back in the day.Your writing (and your adventures) give me something to aspire to. Robert Bush (AAJ Contributor)

  • John Kelman wrote on July 25, 2010 report

    Hi Robert,
    Terje is Norwegian for Terry, in fact; so the pronunciation is actually like "Ter-yé" It was a great show; writing it up as we speak, but for a peak, check my review of the same group at Enjoy Jazz in Mannheim last fall: Molde's show was better; way better.

    Thanks again for all the kind and enthusiastic words!

  • Marcus Flatset wrote on July 26, 2010 report

    Hi John,

    Amazing coverage of your trip, I must say. I'm the guy who sat to your left at the Rypdal-gig, much looking forward to seeing your pictures.... :-)

    Was a great gig, thats for sure!


  • John Kelman wrote on July 27, 2010 report

    Hey Marcus,
    Of course I remember meeting you! For more pixs: