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  • Martin Franco wrote on June 22, 2012 report

    Absolutely brilliant essay. As a jazz fan and as a psychedelic explorer and someone that grew up in the shadow of the 60's (the 70's) in New York City, I say RIGHT ON!!!

    Having confronted many of these same issues even in the 70's, many of my fellow psychedelic, sexual, cultural explorers came up with ONE solution. The problem is NOT society, NOT the military-idnustrial complex, NOT traditions and mores that restrain us...
    The problem IS the human mind ITSELF...
    Our solution? Similar solution as that confronted by brilliant Be-ings across MILLENIA: Jesus, Buddha, Mahavir, Krishna, Bayazid Bastami, and the great Babalwos, Shamans and Mystics of indigenous religions.

    Transcend the experience of bondage imposed by the mental and emotional structures and limitations of the human body mind system in the context of culture through the process of continous unitive absorption into the ever-present DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.... We have taken many paths including Santeria, Zen, Tantra, Yoga, Sufi, Christian mysticism and more.
    Our soundtrack? For the most part JAZZ... As the HIGHEST spiritual expression of modern American music. Specifically modal but also free jazz...
    The valiant musical explorers of the 1960's, these jazz renegades (Trane, Miles, Ornette, Pharoah etc) have provided a blueprint of musical ecstasy that has continued to be explored and mined by subsequent generations and continues to nourish many a spiritual seeker to this day.