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  • ceto mundiarso wrote on July 15, 2010 report

    Thank Ian ... nice to met you in Bromo. Hopefully see you again in the next jazz event in our region..

  • Ian Patterson wrote on July 15, 2010 report

    Hi Ceto,

    Likewise. It is certainly my intention to return to Indonesia and to cover more jazz events for All About Jazz. There's a lot of very interesting, creative music coming from there, and the fusion of gamelan and jazz is particularly exciting. See you next time!

  • Syaharani & QueenFireworks wrote on July 18, 2010 report

    Hello Ian, how are you? glad to read about Jazz Gunung here...and hope we can attend again next year..with perfect weather as we had enjoyed last concert..

    here's our official website, and we hope we can linkin' each otehr :

    Best regards from all team.
    and loking forward to see you again

  • Ian Patterson wrote on July 19, 2010 report

    Hi ESQI:EF I'm grand thanks. Weather conspired to make it a great festival. Hope to see you guys in concert again somewhere down the line.Thanks for the great music.

    All the best


  • Gina Vodegel wrote on July 23, 2010 report

    Hi Ian, very nice to find your article when i was looking for anything related to Indonesia & jazz, since i have recently been introduced to Indonesian jazz and am learning since, mainly due to some old children's songs from childhood (mine and my parents who were born there, but i wasn't).

    Thru Facebook i met <b>Riandy Kurniawan</b>, editor of another jazz source, namely Jazzuality.

  • Ian Patterson wrote on July 23, 2010 report

    Hi Gina, glad you and the article found each other. Yes, Jazzuality also doing good things in Indonesia. Apart from the artists mentioned in the article (Balawan, Syaharani in particular) other great Indonesian artists worth checking out include Krakatau, Boi Akih, Simakdialog, Kulkul, Bubi Chen, Tohpati, Kua Etnika, Sono Seni Ensemble, Indra Lesmana Trio.
    Watch out for another article to be published second week of August which gives an overview of the Indonesian jazz scene through the eyes of Agus Setiawan of