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  • Gregory Leon Miller wrote on June 26, 2010 report



  • Gary Gomes wrote on July 03, 2010 report


    Nice job! I don't agree that punk killed prog commercially though. Punk was never that popular with anyone except critics, but new wave (founded in part by people who had backgrounds in prog) essentially changed the presentation of music through new production techniques. Also, increasing commercial control of music gave music execs more control over play lists and you can put more commercials on the air with 2 minute than 10-20 minute songs. (The last ELP album, "Love Beach" was recorded under commercial pressure and none of the members of the band liked it.) In the early 1970's, more experimental material could be released without calculating commercial interference.
    I did see the Emerson and Lake tour in New Bedford and they were great. Lake's voice was in top form...and it was great fun hearing Keith Emerson explain how "Bitches' Crystal" developed from two different "boogie woogie" patterns merged. Great left hand, and a fair amount of improvisation Gary Gomes