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  • Samuel Chell wrote on June 20, 2010 report

    Anyone drawn to this instrument should check out its admittedly limited history in jazz. Illinois Jacquet, one of the leading "Texas tenors," and Norman Granz' primary honker at the Jazz at the Philharmonic concerts, was a formidable bassoonist--at least on the few numbers I heard him. And Ray Pizzi sounded awesome when I heard him with journeyman accordion-master Frank Marocco. My son-in-law, a classical bassoonist, tells me Pizzi looms large among longhairs as well.

  • Dan Bilawsky wrote on July 20, 2010 report


    Thanks for furthering the discussion on the bassoon's history in jazz. While it isn't as widespread as many instruments in this realm, it's certainly deserving of more attention!