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  • Eco Avila wrote on July 07, 2010 report

    Anatomy of a manhunt for a man from Louisiana,United States of America born 1811 with the earth erupted,the mississippi river turnth towards Chicago and the american animals cried from new york to charlestown and in the Jazz Capital of the earth the birth of the Puerto Rican Liberator Mathias Bruckman killed on the island of san Juan Batista September30,1868.Alone,with his music,el coqui y ecoavila.Mr.bruckman had not the least idea that there was any music but JAZZ,or that any music had evr existed before it.New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festiva/Bill Crosby remembers Bruckman ,
    pleasant to his soul and spirit.Certainly,
    polite,and his large,vacant eyes smiled most charmingly to revenge by arms upon the hereditary foe spanish inquizition,and now alone with immortality@a river crossing in Yauco,San Juan Batista 1868.
    Mathias Bruckman was assassinated,property confiscated lie in an unmark grave in Yauco.
    Jazz and anatomy of american MIA Sepy30,1868.
    Anyone know the cemetery in Puerto rico the liberator RIP?