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  • Samuel Chell wrote on May 25, 2010 report

    Nice reminder of a great performer. I feel fortunate to have caught the Rev. at UW-Madison in the '60s, and I noticed in the crowd a lot of the same folks who had been at the Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders concerts. Rev. Davis was all business, quoting scripture about the irreconcilability of secular and sacred realms. Still, without doing any evangelizing he had the crowd in their seats and digging his musical rhetoric the whole way (John--post-Elvin and McCoy--couldn't claim the same). If NPR is still playing him, listeners could do a lot worse than tune in. (Plus programs like Fresh Air, All Things Considered, Piano Jazz, Morning Edition have jazz features almost every day. When Hank Jones passed, NPR was on it instantly, linking listeners to their numerous earlier programs about him.)