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  • Tapani Tommola wrote on May 31, 2010 report

    A Finnish jazz record intended for the wider world?

    Isn't every record intended for the wider world? Maybe the writer is trying to tell us, that this is the first promotion copy of Finnish jazz he has received for some time. Finnish jazz records may be hard to find, but they are always available somewhere. I guess this applies to most of the records reviewed on these pages including Prophone records. You should check out the TUM cataloque for a start.

    Perhaps I'm missing a joke, but there have been several Finnish Coltranes between Viitamki and Rautio. And I fail to hear the connection here, maybe because the Coltrane influence is so overwhelming in modern jazz.

    We remember the giants, we might hear familiar sounds and phrases, yet this is still quite abstract music. Different listeners hear different things. Sometimes we hear what we expect to hear. I hear on Commitment a good working band recorded faithfully: a solid trio doing nothing extraordinary on surface but still escaping easy categorizing. Well-schooled, but not well-known players like Joonatan Rautio deserve to be heard on their own terms. Their true identity isn't always obvious, but maybe just maybe, there is a creative mind beneath the surface.

    I would compare Commitment with recent records by Esa Pietil, Olli Ojajrvi, Jaska Lukkarinen, rjan Hulten and Tore Brunborg, all Scandinavian records with tenor sax, bass and drums. There are common threads and subtle differences, which are admittedly hard to put into words. I don't know how many stars these records deserve, but each deserves a place in my record collection.

    Tapani Tommola
    Helsinki Finland