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  • Mario Fitzpatrick wrote on May 30, 2008 report

    Dear Max:
    I know I'm five (5) years late. I just happened to find your article an hour ago and I did not know you knew me so well. I have been a SJF for over half a century. Grew up listening to Ellington, Basie, Goodman, Kenton, Parker,Hawkins... You are SO right: I treasure the progressive era (Blakey, Lee Morgan, Horace Silver, MILES DAVIS 60's quintets, Hancock, Bill Evans, MILT JACKSON, Oscar Peterson, Monk, Coltrane, DEXTER GORDON...) Kenny G is not jazz, true. Your description of the true jazz listener fits me like hand and glove, although I, being an afro-caribbean, have also grown under the influence of Machito, Tito Puente, Juan Tizol, Chano Pozo (creators of afro-cuban and afro-rican jazz). I have also gone through extended arguments over the so-called "salsa", which musically does not exists (it is a culinary term, not a muscal term), who's true name is "El Son". It has been very refreshing reading this article. It reminded me of one of my favorite CD's: "Ain't but a Few of Us Left" by Milt Jackson and Oscar Peterson. They were right sometimes I could feel mighty lonely.
    Mario Fitzpatrick