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  • C. Michael Bailey wrote on April 06, 2010 report

    Very nice review, John. I have been watching Beck's re-emergence with great interest. I was always interested in "Blow by Blow" and "Wired."

  • John Kelman wrote on April 06, 2010 report

    Thanks, as ever, for the kind words. You are *too* kind :)

    This is a beautiful record, you gotta hear it!

  • Rufus Nippely wrote on April 14, 2010 report

    Hello John,
    The best review of this wonderful recording that I have read to date! I was fortunate enough to see The ARMS concert in San Francisco and Beck, while not at his peak, played well and totally "destroyed" Clapton and Page. Clapton was honest enough to admit this in an interview that appeared in the SF Times the following day. Anyway, thanks for writing the truth about this beautiful CD!

  • Rufus Nippely wrote on April 14, 2010 report

    ...SF Chronicle...not Times...arrigato!

  • John Kelman wrote on April 14, 2010 report

    Hey Rufus,
    Thanks, man; glad to hear I wasn't alone in my feelings about the ARMS show...though even more interesting to hear that it wasn't just at the UK show I attended.

    Thanks for such kind words about the review, it's really appreciated when folks write to say so!


  • Carol Winitsky wrote on April 19, 2010 report

    An opinion from another person who saw the ARMS show in SF those many years ago: JB blew down the Cow Palace. There was no comparison. Jan Hammer also played with him at the ARMS show and the two of them together were fierce.