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  • Mike Farrey wrote on March 27, 2010 report

    I was and still an avid EST fan (and saw them at the last ever performance in England)and i have all their albums and many of their live performances too, so I went to Band on the Wall in Manchester on 25 March 2010 thinking that , well , hey Dan might play a few EST tracks. It was not to be. However his new band played some unusual but strong music, leading from haunting folk sounds through to heavy electric guitar sounds with a great beat. It was an experience to be there. They played two sessions, Dan introduced the band just like Esbjorn used to do and even (check spelling) Oki Linton was there on sounds, just like he was with EST. The encore at the end was stunning with Dan playing "song for E", it was moving and deep and very EST-ish and an obvious tribute to Esbjorn which was a fitting touch for the audience ,many who were indeed EST followers.
    It will be interesting to see where this group goes next with their sound.For me however, I dont think Esbjorn's ability will ever be replaced.

    - Mike Farrey 27 March 2010

  • John Kelman wrote on March 27, 2010 report

    Thanks for writing in - lucky you to have had a chance to see the group live. My only comment is wit respect to your final sentence, "I don't think Esbjorn's ability will ever be replaced." I suspect that nobody knows that more than Dan (or Magnus), which is why he's doing something completely different, so comparisons will be minimal.

    e.s.t. was a very special group that some have copied but none have imitated; and I don't think it would be in either Dan's or Magnus' best interest to try and carry on with that legacy. Instead, better to leave it to stand on its own as a distinct and complete body of work, and move on to other areas.