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  • Michael Bakker wrote on February 15, 2010 report

    Very good review, thanks ! One remark though, Pat is not quite right about the fact that he normally only plays one night in Holland. There are several occasions he played more nights in Holland. Sometimes even two nights at he same place, like the 2005 'The Way Up' tour. He played in Utrecht two nights in a row for a packed house.

  • Phillip Woolever wrote on February 15, 2010 report

    Hi Michael - Thanks for the update - I don't know about you or Mr. Metheny, but I found it pleasurably easy to lose track/count of things in the Netherlands. Phil W

  • Michael Bakker wrote on February 16, 2010 report

    Hi Phil,
    Hehe, that's very funny. One thing I know is that Pat Metheny is a very clean person in that respect. Can't say the same about myself ;), but, hey I'm Dutch. Good to hear that you have found a pleasurable way to lose track/count of things here in Holland, sometimes that can be a real good thing.
    Once again I loved your review !

  • tuck wrote on April 26, 2010 report

    Appreciate your take on the new tour. My .02: I have been a Pat fan since about 1981. I had a conversation with a DJ at the biggest jazz station in San Fran around 1990 that reminded me of Pat's following. When I asked for one of his songs, the DJ simply said, "Pat Metheny is not God, you know." Point taken.

    Anyway. I too was impressed as usual with Pat's solo stuff, his improvisational wizardry, his ability to find yet another groove in those signature compositional licks he lives on. I was also more than impressed by the work that must have been involved in creating the realization of this concept, the compositional aspects, and the programming of everything. I loved it when the curtain came up on the big apparati. Then, my enthusiasm at the view of the scape over the edge of the cliff fell off like a car that got out of control.

    It just seemed.... canned. To many contrivances of preprogramming. Too much predefinition. No interactivity. I laughed out loud as he repeatedly gestured his appreciation of a drum or snare or whistle coming in on cue. What the hell? That was bizarre.

    I drove 3.5 hours to Reno for this?!? People were exiting in droves at the break between the songs. I'd never seen this at a Metheny show before. I stood there and watched stunned by that.

    Here's the thing: if he can go to that length to compose all this stuff, why not just hire a great band to play it?

    When I bought the requisite shirt on the way out, I mentioned to the hawkster that I was non-plussed. You could tell that he'd been hearing that. "Did you know what you were coming to see?" came the reply. "Yes, I guess I did," I said. Point taken again.

    I never thought I'd say this, but my brother and I were considering driving to the next show coming next week in the next state. No way. It's a huge endeavor that Pat pulled off here, but it's a sideshow act. It's creative, and he played his ass off to it, but an entire tour? You just can't play against a computerized solenoid-driven orchestra and call it cool. It's too contrived. I'm one of those guys who all my friends have called his biggest fan. That doesn't include this album or tour.