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  • Paul Hubert wrote on February 20, 2010 report

    This sounds quite interesting. What the review doesn't say is anything about the significance of using the title 'Magma'. Did Hoff intend any connection with barmy but innovative interstellar jazz-rock outfit Magma, led by Christian Vander, or not? If he knew nothing about them (and nobody told him) that seems quite interesting too!

  • John Kelman wrote on February 20, 2010 report

    Sorry, Paul, but the reason I don't mention Magma, whose music I am very familiar with, is that there's no link. If anything, the concept of magma, the physical thing, is more appropriate to the music, hot as it is; but using it as a device to describe the music, I felt, would be, um, a tad hoakey :-)

    Thanks for writing, though, and hope you check the disc out, it's a good 'un.