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  • Phil Kelly wrote on February 02, 2010 report


    Just a few words about the UNT 2 o clock band:

    This ensemble ( both under Jay Saunders and his esteemed predecessor, Jim Riggs ) is very closely if not the equal of its better known companion band, the UNT 1 o clock. The main difference is both Jay and Jim have always favored the modern mainstream literature by writers like Thad Jones, Maria S., John Clayton, (and yes, myself) as opposed to the more adventurous complex material essayed by the 1 o clock.

    The 2 o clock has been the "beta test" band for all of my Origin recordings and have in fact recorded several of my charts over the years.

    I think its a telling fact that as openings in the 1 o clock occur and the 2 o clock guys move into their new slots, several of them also choose to remain in the 2 to keep in touch with the tradition of large ensemble jazz.

    For big band fans,the UNT represents a treasure chest of excellent big band performances. Go to the UNT website to check out all their recordings.

    Phil Kelly
    NW Prevailing Winds
    SW Santa Ana Winds
    Origin Records