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  • Samuel Chell wrote on January 19, 2010 report

    It just boggles my mind that this kid (well, until recently), who was on the European jazz festival scene at the age of 11, could come over to the U.S., bring a string orchestra into the new Birdland to do "Bird with Strings" at the age of 17, and yet get little to no attention from the U.S. press and media. He even made an album of standards with a crack NYC rhythm section in the U.S., and it was never released in the U.S. He's traveled with Wynton Marsalis, appeared numerous times on the same bandstand as American jazz greats, and the response? Nada, nothing, silence and ignorance. What happened to the music after Ken Burns' PBS epic documentary? These indeed are dire times. The feat that he pulled off--replicating each of the solos--by Trane, Miles, Cannonball--on "Kind of Blue" has been equalled only by his "compatriot," Roberta Gambarini, who did a similar thing with her singing the complex solos, and in the proper register, of Stitt, Dizzy, and Rollins on "Sunnyside of the Street" from the Verve date, "Sonny Side Up." Very few, including musicians, understood her accomplishment, except for Hank Jones and James Moody. At least, through ceaseless persistence she managed to interest some NYC studio execs into recording her.

  • Samuel Chell wrote on January 20, 2010 report

    Forgot to add that I'm really grateful for this review of a Cafiso recording I was unaware of. It's good to know he's still developing, growing, recording--regardless of where. You've sold me. Now if I can only locate a copy that doesn't come with the ceiling prices of most imports. (I ordered his NY CD disc with pianist David Hazeltine from an import company, and they sent me a vinyl LP version with no prior warning!)

  • Dan McClenaghan wrote on January 21, 2010 report

    The disc is available from the Sunnyside Records website, reasonably-priced!