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  • Bill Hicks wrote on March 02, 2010 report

    Previte's fall from grace is nearly complete as evidenced by the so-called "Pan Atlantic Band". In reality, this is less of a mash-up and more of last hope. Rejected by his peers (when's the last time he's been asked to play on a Zorn record for instance?), Previte must now cull the European continent for players willing to tolerate his fired-up approach.

    As for the music, there's nothing new here for Previte fans so this would be for completists only. The themes are re-used in some cases from previous Previte efforts, and the new themes lack fire or inspiration. Previte's playing is less then stellar, and the final piece on Rhodes is a bizarre offering. His touch on drums has slipped into aggression from lack of work, and the Rhodes just sounds sluggish in his hands.

    In the end, this could be the last gasp for an artist that once held promise.