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  • Richard Mitnick wrote on January 22, 2010 report

    I discovered Innova when I subscribed to, looking for niche streams in what is best described as "post-classical" or "New Music".

    Philip Blackburn, the majordomo at Innova, is surely a genius. He was responsible for many of the interviews done for the American Mavericks project of Minnesota Public Radio ( Philip Continued this process in two wondeful podcast series, "Alive and Composing" ( and "Measure for Measure" (

    Chris Campbell is at the center of everything Innova. He knows everything going on at Innova and ably abets Philip's work.

    Innova's arrtists can be heard regularly on WPRB, Public Radio in Princeton, NJ ( ) and Q2( the eclectic 24/7 music stream of WQXR, Public Radio for music in New York City.