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  • Eric Singer wrote on January 25, 2010 report

    As Director of LEMUR, the group who created most of the instruments for the Orchestrion, I was thrilled to be a part of this project. If you want to hear more work on LEMUR's instruments, check out LEMUR's other videos (Google us...can't post URL)

  • John Kelman wrote on January 25, 2010 report

    Thanks for writing in, Eric. I only wish Pat was playing closer to where I live so I could see this live. It's an incredible record, and the work you folks did on the technology is, in a word, amazing.

  • BOB SHELTON wrote on April 11, 2010 report

    I was lucky enough to see this tour performance in Clearwater Florida. I loved it, and was awestruck at how it was set up and done. I'm still baffled at how it all works but it was a fantastic show. I did miss the Lyle Mayes piano though, hard to recreate his style with machinery, and no vocals either. You need to be a real hard core Pat Matheny enthusiast to appreciate the show and why he would do this. If you have followed his career as I have you would really get into this type of embelishment of his craft with all this gear. If you are a newcomer, I'm not so sure you would grab on to it as many longtimers do. I loved it.

  • christie vollmecke wrote on April 18, 2010 report

    I have Pat Methany as an absolute favorite. NOT this concert!!!!!!!Orchestratrion(sp?) was robotic and monotonous. It was ridiculous. A tambourine affixed to a piece of wood? The lady next to me put her hands over her ears and we left early. The robotic sound was driving me crazy. He kept posing the question,"am I crazy?" Yes, Pat you are.

  • Katharine tucker wrote on April 25, 2010 report

    I'm with Christie; save me from the mechanical tambourine!...We saw this concert two weeks ago and thought it was absurd. We walked out after the fifth song and even that was too long.

    We are musical people and I'm sorry, I don't think the 'appreciation' of this has anything to do with being a fan of Pat Metheny. It was mechanical, we missed the interaction with band members and he seemed to as well. A few times, he turned his back to the audience and seemed to be playing to the instruments. It completely lacks the warmth that human beings bring to the experience. He's an amazing guitar player and as far as we were concerned, this did nothing except for detract from his skilled playing. boo.

  • Andrea Evans wrote on May 06, 2010 report

    My sister and I attended the Orchestrion concert at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City the night before last, not quite knowing what to expect (she had listened to the CD; I hadn't). I must say, the first little tambourine piece did sound mechanical, but when the curtain rose and exposed the entire percussive array, I was captivated; all in all I thought of the whole experience as playful. As he claimed in his program notes....not better or worse, just different and unique. I imagine in a couple of years he will have tinkered with this enough to get an even more sophisticated production from it. The "Group's" absence initially left a hole for me, but it was filled, for this performance at least, with a new appreciation for the creativity of Metheny and those who built the Orchestrion; there is room enough in the world for all of it, I imagine....I will say that Secret Story and We Live Here are still my favorites, and I want Lyle back next time. P.S. I was filled with new admiration when he very tastefully ripped on a guy in the audience who was video-taping the performance--speaking directly to the guy--then without a beat, went into his next piece without a look back....wish I could do that with confrontations....

  • Daren Baldwin wrote on May 06, 2010 report

    I am a big fan of Pat Metheny. His Secret Story show was unforgettable, but the Orchestrion concert was boring. There was nothing exciting or new about it. It seemed like a carnival show. We walked out early. I saw several people leave early. I felt bad for everyone including Pat Metheny. He can't be proud of this work.

  • Tad Britton wrote on May 11, 2010 report

    I saw the concert in Seattle and I was thrilled by it. I thought the way he laid out the program was perfect. Along with the tunes comprising the Orchestrion Suite, he also played some of the beautiful old tunes for the people who have followed his work all these years. He played the Picasso guitar. He played an Ornette Coleman tune. He improvised a tune, live and on-the-spot that utilized the orchestrion. He took a few breaks to discuss what things were. The tunes were masterfully-composed and meticulously performed. The sound system was crystalline and perfectly-balanced. The lighting was in perfect harmony with the the music and embellished the emotional impact of the presentation. The music was dynamic. It was..."perfect". If anything, Pat Metheny, himself, is the machine. Throughout all of the tunes he has created over his career, he has managed to keep his own unique voice and apply it to many diverse settings. There was no one else to criticize, this time. He's done it again. He brought something entirely new to the table -he brought the table, itself! The entire band played perfectly!

  • Otavio Fonseca wrote on May 21, 2010 report

    Hmm, I can't say that I loved Orchestrion as much as I do PM Group and other Pat incarnations (quartets, etc) but Guitar-wise, he is better than ever. It wasn't my favorite show but it was faaaaar from torture.

    I am not a great writer but I wrote a review here:

  • John Kelman wrote on June 04, 2010 report

    Nice review Otavio! Now that Pat's coming to Montreal in October, I'll finally get to see Orchestrion live!