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  • Phil Kelly wrote on January 03, 2010 report

    Dear Mr. PC

    can you elaborate upon your alter ego the "chauvinistic cokehead" and also pass on the constipated violinist jokes? ( I seem to have worn out the viola jokes. )

    Also, your analysis of big band musicians and alcoholism was spot on. It's also the main reason my own large band plays live so infrequently -I don't want to be a party to furthering anyones health endangering habits . ( Not to mention my own
    predilections having to listen to a drunk band deface my scores )

    Many thanks for your well thought out analyses of all of our collective foibles*

    * this is also the reason for my preference of canine companionship vis a vis the feline type.
    Dogs don't run about continually coughing up
    foibles ...

    Your Fan:
    Durwood Smegma
    Bellingham WA

  • Mr. P.C. wrote on January 04, 2010 report

    Hi, Durwood:

    Are you any relation to the Smegma I've met in Eastern Washington? The family seems to be well-represented over there. I've noticed they tend to have very attractive homes, but don't always smell great. I think a small, strategically placed herb satchet might do the trick.

    --Mr. P.C.

  • Hall Underton wrote on January 04, 2010 report

    This column has inspired me to look inward and examine my deepest neuroses, as well as my misconceptions about not only my own playing but also This Great American Art Form We Call Jazz.

    As a result, I am now studying to obtain a real estate license.

    Thanks, Mr. P.C.

  • John Ansara wrote on January 18, 2010 report

    Dear Mr. P.C.;

    Thank you for the invaluable advice.

    After having a short but productive talk with the singer (whom I neglected to mention is also hooked up with the pianist, and who was previously with the bassist after she had originally lived with the sax player), and airing our differences in an adult manner, life is good again. Auditions for a new singer start next week.