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  • Bruce Lindsay wrote on January 05, 2010 report

    Hi Ian
    I enjoyed this interview - its always interesting to learn about how composers and musicians operate. One minor point - credit where credit is due - the co-director of the Voice Project [the Norwich choir] is Sian Croose, not Shan Crooks. Cheers, Bruce.

  • Ian Patterson wrote on January 05, 2010 report

    Hi Bruce,

    Glad you enjoyed the interview. Simcock is a little bit special, as is his trio. Watch out for Yuri Goloubev!

    Thanks very much for pointing out my spelling error. It has been rectified. I appreciate your help.

    Best regards


  • Christine Allen wrote on January 16, 2010 report

    The engineer for the album is Curtis Schwartz not Curtis Schultz. He is a terrific person and well as being one of the best engineers in the UK

    Christine Allen, Basho Records

  • Ian Patterson wrote on January 17, 2010 report

    Hi Christine,

    Apologies for that. I got my Schultzes and my Schwartzes well and truly mixed up. Apologies also to Curtis. Thanks for pointing it out.