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  • Eli Yamin wrote on December 26, 2009 report

    Todd is a legend is his own time. I continue to be knocked out by his extraordinary ability to create a sustainable thriving jazz environment night after night, CD after CD that inspires and supports our community in meaningful as well as material ways. Young producers take notes!!!

  • WHITNEY MARCHELLE JACKSON wrote on January 02, 2010 report

    Wynton Marsalis intorduce me to Todd Barken and I must say its has been a honor! His professionalism conducting a venue with great entertainment nightly is grand. Also, the fact that he has high respect for accomplished ladies of color who scat like myself to grace his stage at a jazz moment like any other musician standing in a horn line! He shows know no prejudice and this is an important factor in this juander of music;Jazz! Thanks for this great interview I must say I don't know Mr. Barken
    as well as I know Skain but I would love for him to produce my next Monk project he knows how to make jazz unforgettable in a wonderful way.

  • omar wrote on January 04, 2010 report

    I had the honor to meet Mr. Barkan last year after he booked my 14 year old son to play with his trio.He is courteous, respectful and a true professional. He truly believes that Jazz is very important for the youth and his support of my son is a true indication of this. Glad that my son has had this opportunity and I'm sure as he grows in this business he can look at Mr. Barkan as a positive influence and role model in his life