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  • Richard Mitnick wrote on January 07, 2010 report

    I am not really qualified to speak on Jazz.

    I just want to point to what has been a very successful venture in getting young listeners interested in Classical Music. This is the Wordless Music Series, visit This is in New York City. It received a big boost from WNYC, Public radio in New York City.

  • Nikola Markovic wrote on January 08, 2010 report

    I think that the country convention is called "Fan Fair", not "Fan Day":

    If this is it...

  • Michael Ricci wrote on January 08, 2010 report

    Hi Nikola,

    Thanks for the heads up. Changed!

  • Keith Fiala wrote on January 10, 2010 report

    I would have to agree with this article as jazz musicians at times have an elitist attitude - hence the term starving artist. All too often all the efforts are put toward recording a CD or prepping for a show and marketing after the CD is done / marketing for the show is left to a less than grandiose response because there is no real release of information to the general public.

    Great article!

    Keith Fiala

  • kathy de plaza wrote on January 14, 2010 report

    I really enjoyed this article and totally agree. I am also a huge bluegrass fan. The biggest draw for me into the bluegrass guitar flatpicking world is the opportunity to jam with my fellow musicians. The opportunity to take turns doing one's break with the support of others on a regular basis all year long gives me that sense of community that is missing in modern life today in our country. In my bluegrass world there are web sites and jam listings available to anyone wanting to jam. I always know what is available to me. I do not know of any such opportunity for jazz jams. Do they exist?