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  • Mr. P.C. wrote on December 03, 2009 report

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  • Thomas Conrad wrote on December 04, 2009 report

    Mr. P.C. doesn't usually fail to appreciate a really good idea but somehow a brilliant concept got past him: the part about the bayonet and skull & bones flag, which is the no-brainer solution to the trombonist's recurring issue.

  • Phil Kelly wrote on December 08, 2009 report

    Regarding the issue of recumbent bassists:

    I'd like to remind Mr P.C. of one possible exception (which may or may not prove his hypothesis of the vertical posture being somewhat de riguer)

    I offer the example of Portland bassist David Friesen (a player of much repute) who during performances gives the viewer the impression he's actually playing his instrument whilst reclining on a chaise lounge. Having observed Mr F in performance, I'd estimate the fingerboard of his instrument and the floor of the stage would form an acute angle of 30 degrees (possibly less). His posture is definitely close to that of a recumbent bike rider.

    I do admit not ever having seen anyone else attempt this.