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  • Jessy Randall wrote on November 11, 2009 report

    I like the mathematical formula for studio recordings, that you feel like you're only 70% on. That's quite interesting. I wonder if after doing studio recordings for a while it would feel normal and then you'd feel like you were 130% on during a live performance.

  • Barbara-Joy Weston wrote on November 18, 2009 report

    Barbara-Joy Weston wrote on 2009-11-18

    This interview stunned me! I have known Ricky Sweum and appreciated and followed his musical talents for a large slice of my life. However, this gave me insights into his mind, his personality, his heart which were nothing short of a revelation! It has made his talents, achievements and his music vastly more meaningful to someone who has been a privileged observer all these years. Thank You.