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  • Wen Mew wrote on November 03, 2009 report

    excellent as usual sam!

  • Samuel Chell wrote on November 04, 2009 report

    Thanks, Wen. I know how hard it can be to reach a consensus of opinion when talking about musical taste (I usually concede to the other's position for the sake of harmonious relations). But after listening and comparing--at least a hundred times--Gambarini's performance with the original source, it became impossible not to sense that "Easy to Love," especially, did not receive the kudos it deserved. At the very least, I hope the recording leads those listeners who don't already possess it to pick up a copy of Diz' "Sonny Side Up" (Verve, 1957), an indisputable treasure right up there with "Kind of Blue." (btw, I'm digging your performance of "Easy Living" at this moment. Nice!). Best, Sam