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  • Valerie Bishop wrote on October 30, 2009 report

    thanks for the sensitive review. i cannot wait to hear Ms. Gardot in person. have truly appreciated what i've heard on the radio and have also heard very positive reviews from friends who have experienced her live.

  • Michelle Williams wrote on November 12, 2009 report

    Just as the article says Melody is a truly exeptional artiste. I have 2 spare tickets for her show in Edinburgh for 18th November 2009. If you would like more details please email me

  • Guy Zinger wrote on November 25, 2009 report

    I saw her at the last Montreal Jazz Fest.
    she is a phenomenon, holds you in suspense from the minute she walks in with her elegant walking cane, until you realize the show's over and you don't want to let her get off the stage.

  • Chris Weed wrote on January 04, 2010 report

    A couple of notes on this review may be of interest to some readers:

    1) Drummer Chuck Staab and reed player Irwin Hall are 2007 graduates of Princeton University, where they studied and worked with the great jazz educator Anthony Branker (, and visited Estonia with Branker in 2006 as part of Princetons Jazz Composers Collective.

    2) Two songs on 'My One and Only Thrill', including the iTunes bonus track "Pretend I Don't Exist" mentioned above, were co-written with Jesse Harris, best known for his collaborations with Norah Jones and singer-songwriter Rebecca Martin (in the latter case, early in their respective careers). [See the Wikipedia article on the album.]