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  • Joe Higham wrote on February 25, 2011 report

    I don't know if we really need to comment, however I'm absolutely amazed at how little has been written about Bobby Bradford and more of a crime ... John Carter. I'd love to read some interviews and discussion about their partnership and naturally some more in depth writing on the work of John Carter would certainly not go amiss. As for Bobby Bradford, it seems that this great man has often been caught in the shadows of Mr Carter and not always seen in his own light. It's probably a good reason why John Carter and Bobby Bradford worked together so well - they were both strong originals, and yet (if I understand correctly) also close friends.

  • John Kelman wrote on February 25, 2011 report

    Agree with you, JOe. I've had their MOsaic Select set for months now, and have not had time to review it....perhaps your post will push me to get off my butt and do it - and how the heck are ya, anyway; sorry for being out of touch, but life has gone to hell in a handbasket here, with some family health issues....