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  • Louise Barber wrote on October 27, 2009 report

    This gets better the more you listen, and is so rich and complex. Love it. You need really good sound to hear the layered complexity. Go, Tom! Love the instruments involved. So new.

  • Dave Sumner wrote on January 06, 2011 report

    Would it be unduly snarky of me to joke how quaint it is that Thomas's mother is writing nice things about her son's album at AAJ? My apologies if it is, lol.

    However, Louise is correct. This is a wonderful album. His site has four of the eight tracks for a full listen, plus one minute samples on the other four, so you can get a decent idea of whether this album is for you. I'm always appreciative when a musician does that.
    Fantastic album. Look forward to hearing more. Hope there's some sort of tour, though I recognize that's a tricky feat to pull off for a large ensemble.

  • Dave Sumner wrote on June 02, 2012 report

    Barber now offers "Snow Road" on a bandcamp page, found here...

    So not only can you stream the entire album there, but bandcamp also allows you to purchase the album in a number of different file formats (including lossless options) at no additional cost.