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  • Bill Haywood wrote on September 30, 2009 report

    It's entertaining to read comments from those who practice this most pretentious and intellectually vacuous form of music (jazz) concerning the Beatles.-(probably the least pretentious and most intellectual of musical artists of the 20th century).

    Most entertaining is how some managed to express themselves without overt condescension. But the condescending quotes are quite humourous as well.

    Eat yer' hearts out, jazzboys.

  • John Kelman wrote on September 30, 2009 report

    Hi Bill,

    Sorry to hear you think that jazz is vacuous, while The Beatles were unpretentious and intellectual. The fact is that there's nothing pretentious or condescending about most jazz artists; they're just doing what their hearts and minds tell them to do, no less than what was sure;y the case with John, Paul, George and Ringo. What drives us is inherently different, so how we express it will vary. Some choose rock, some choose classical, some choose jazz; many, these days, prefer not to maintain boundaries and borders in music, and cross-pollination between styles is one way to break down those borders. A very good thing, in my opinion.

    You don't like jazz? No problem, each to their own, Bill; nobody would criticize you for that. But to whitewash an entire genre the way you have? Well, that sounds pretty condescending to me. Most of the artists here who have used Beatles songs as the basis for jazz interpretation value the beauty of the writing and playing. A shame you can't extend the same courtesy to them, especially if you've not actually heard them.


  • Michael Ricci wrote on September 30, 2009 report

    Bill, you signed up at AAJ today just to post this comment? Good for you, man.