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  • Peter Import wrote on August 31, 2009 report

    very nice article!

  • Mark Berkeley wrote on September 02, 2009 report

    A thoroughly enjoyable overview. It's always great to hear JS's tales - he seems to be a man of great integrity and humour. I've been lucky enough to see him play in most of the contexts he talks about in the article and have never been other than blown away. It would be facsinating to hear him connect with some of the very interesting younger musicians in Norway - Arve Henriksen, Christian Wallumrod.
    Meanwhile I vote for his 'National treasure' status in the UK

  • Jon Gudmundson wrote on March 07, 2011 report

    What an excellent article. Best one on John Surman that I have seen so far. A nice sketch of his career, and his personality shines through. I'd love to have a beer or two with him sometime. Really good writing-- thanks for posting this.

  • John Kelman wrote on March 07, 2011 report

    Hi Jon,
    Wow, thanks, man, for such kinds words about the piece. I sure enjoyed doing it; John's a warm and funny guy, so yes, exactly the kind of bloke you'd like to sit down with in a pub for a couple pints.