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  • William F. Williams wrote on October 01, 2009 report

    Whenever you read an article by a musician about a legend, if you are just a fan, you really can't understand the workings of the left hand or right hand on a piano or a guitar. What a listening fan remembers is the music. If you were there, and I was all over NYC in the years jazz was king (50s and early 60s), the jazz clubs were the primers for all things cool.

    Thanks for the fuzzy memories, but today's Miles fan is cursed with CDs that call themselves 'masterworks from the archives' and include all the crap that he refused to put on his recorded sessions but the company retained. Examples would be the so-called extra bonus on CDs of Porgy and Bess and Kind of Blue. Stuff he found inferior and only worthy of companies trying to squeeze out that extra dollar.

    On my daily exercise trek in the morning I play "Kind of Blue." I have owned it in every recorded form from 1959 (wore out the album twice in vinyl).

    The difference between classical and jazz is that one has to follow classical's every note without change. Jazz, after its opening, can go anywhere it wants. And Miles -- live -- took me places that now only remain in my mind.