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  • Survilla M. Smith wrote on August 19, 2009 report

    My son,

    As usual I'm very proud of you. You have always done great and many things in your young life and now, this tops it for I was always pushing all of you to excel in music and other artistic endeavors. Even putting you on the board of directors of Studio for the Promotion of Arts, Culture and Excellence S.P.A.C.E. An Artistic Community, Inc., which is in it's 15th year this November.

    So, Congratulations on all accounts especially this article.

    Love you,


  • Michelle Montgomery wrote on September 03, 2009 report

    Very impressive Calvin!! It's so refreshing to hear someone still very excited about real music by real musicians!!!

    We need to get back to the era of live bands recording fabulous joints instead of the recent studio tracks that are on constant rotation on the radio now.