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  • Jason Crane wrote on August 17, 2009 report

    Great piece, R.J. I appreciate the in-depth exploration of these artists and their work. It still amazes me that so many artists can keep a large ensemble together, even occasionally.

    Nicholas Urie will be The Jazz Session on August 24, and Dave Rivello will be on later this year.

    I actually filled in on soprano saxophone in Rivello's band once. It was the longest night of my life. Not only was I out of practice, but his music is not easy to sight-read. If it hadn't been for the guy next to me constantly prodding me, I think I would have just passed out midway through the second tune!

    Again, thanks for the piece.

  • Victor Verney wrote on September 01, 2009 report

    I guess I spent too much time in graduate school, where the obsession with gender politics is rampant, such that it's permanently affected the manner in which I perceive reality. I've read several discussions about the huge gender disparity among jazz fans (incl. here at AAJ); so, has anyone besides me noticed that the audience in that picture of Duke Ellington is nothing but men? Black men, white men, but not one woman?...

  • John Kelman wrote on September 02, 2009 report

    That was a long time ago, Victor. While total equity has yet to be reached, the number of significant female artists, in the case of this piece the influence of Maria Schneider on a generation of younger large ensemble folks, can't be discounted. I'm currently at my third festival in Norway this year, and the encouraging thing is the parity in the audience - age-wise and gender-wise - to be found here.