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  • wood wrote on August 04, 2009 report

    The review for "I'm Beboppin Too" is on the kind side. There are few big bands I would rather listen to than The DG All Stars. You are, however, correct inasmuch as the excitement of two previous releases is not matched here. Where we disagree is whether Gambarini is enchanting. Quite honestly neither her pronunciation of English nor her ability to scat are up to the quality of the band and its great soloists. (Where are you Carmen?) And, yes, five vocals is way over the top. If given the choice of one or the other, I would take (and I did) Bob Florence's superb last effort, "Legendary" which comes up to and may even exceed the praises heaped upon this late, great artist and his work in your superb review of this beautiful big band recording. It is one of the gems in my big band collection and very close to the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra in terms of excitement and artistic greatness. If only big band jazz could live forever!